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Female physicians (Board Eligible and Certified) available

Abortion Clinic RU486We have been providing Abortion services and Gynecological care for women in The State of Florida since 1975 to meet the increasing need for affordable, quality health care. Surgical abortion procedures, medical abortion, and early abortion procedures are performed by our licensed medical doctors with specialized training in abortion medicine. Our services include: Surgical Abortions, Medical Abortions, RU-486 (the abortion pill), physical examinations, preventative care (diet, vaccinations), counseling, family planning and testing/treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). Our caring, professional staff recognizes that a woman's health is her responsibility and we are dedicated to providing complete information and the highest quality healthcare services to our patients.

Our gynecology services are provided with Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners and our physician staff. In most facilities, if so desired, we have female practitioners available.

Our offices are available in ten Florida locations as well as three locations in New York (Manhattan, Queens and White Plains). Just click on the map below for the location information on any of our Florida facilities.

For inquiries about our New York centers, call 1-877-I-MATTER(877-462-8837) or go to nyabortion.com


Substantial financial assistance available for those who qualify.

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Abortion Clinic RU486 Gainesville Jacksonville Clearwater Orlando Tampa North Tampa St. Petersburg Lakeland Sarasota Ft. Meyers

Westchester Manhatan White Plains Queens Queens Brooklyn Brooklyn Manhattan Westside Manhattan Eastside All our members are proud to be active and contributory members of the National Abortion Federation (NAF,)
Abortion Clinic RU486

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abortions are legal for women of all ages and no parental or spousal consent is required.

Our Centers are licensed by the State of Florida.

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Abortion Clinic RU486